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Public Safety & Health Notice - COVID-19
Consistent with the direction of the Centers for Disease Control and the Governor of Michigan, the following actions are being taken pertaining to Negaunee Township operations effective immediately:
     - Township offices continue to be closed to the Public until further notice (12/31/20 at a minimum).  
               Payments can be made 
using the outside payment drop box, over the phone or online using a
               credit / debit card.

     - All facility rentals for the Community Center have been cancelled.

     - People paying bills are still permitted at the office but encouraged to use the drop box or to mail payments.
     - The office is closed to in person meetings to the extent possible.   If someone needs to meet with Township staff,
                 it  will be scheduled on an as needed basis.  

     - Public works services will continue as normal.
     - The Library drop box will stay open and continue to be collected.
     - Rubbish Drop Off is still scheduled monthly.
     - The Board will reconvene in June and continue to discuss future plans at the recommendation of the Twp 
                Supervisor and Twp Manager.

These decisions are made to help ensure the safety and health of all in our community.  Thank you everyone for being understanding and for your cooperation.

The following links provide up to date information and guidelines regarding COVID-19.……/information/Coronavirus_Resources.htm